The Study

Unravel the mystery!

Quick Details

Duration: 1 Hours
Capacity: 2-6 People
Private bookings available

What’s Hiding in the Study?

This story of love, loss, and mystery is more complicated than it seems.

A couple madly in love was about to marry when a draft caused the groom to be whisked away to war before the wedding, leaving the bride-to-be behind.

Upon his return from the war, the groom learns that his bride has disappeared. He spends many years tracking her down, and after claiming to have found her, the groom disappears.

Robert, the groom, left behind clues in his study. You have an hour to investigate his study to see if you can solve the mystery of what happened to him and his bride. Where did the bride go? How did the groom find her after all those years? Can you figure out what happened to these disappeared soul mates?

Discover the mystery in less than an hour, or you risk meeting the same fate as the bride and groom. Can you solve the mystery in time? Can you escape the study?