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  • Chevron down Booking FAQ’s:
  • 1. Show up 15 min BEFORE the time you book. Your hour starts at the booked time.

    2. The Attic and The Study are a Medium difficulty and The Asylum is a Hard difficulty.

    3. If you have a special request please e-mail us to see if we can accommodate your request.

    4. No refunds. If something comes up e-mail us ASAP and we can try to reschedule for a future date.

    5. Military, use promo code MILITARYESCAPE, you must bring Military ID with you.

    6. Children 4-12 must be accompanied by an adult. If you intend to bring an infant you must book a private experience and the infant needs to be in a carrier.

  • Chevron down Private Experience and Pricing:
  • Private Experience:
    Opting for an exclusively private experience, meaning you are guaranteed to only be playing with your party and pricing is tiered like this:

    Private Experience Pricing:
    7 players: $230/game (Attic Only)
    6 players: $220/game (Attic Only)
    5 players: $190/game
    4 players: $160/game
    3 players: $130/game
    2 players: $90/game | Great for Date night

  • Chevron down What is an escape room?
  • A mind-challenging immersive experience

    An escape room is a cooperative live action game. You typically work with friends, family, or co-workers as a team-building experience. An average escape room hosts two to eight players all working together. The room you start in is typically the size of a small living room.

    An example of an escape room scenaArio

    You are posing as a high roller at a local casino. You are put into a high stakes casino room and have one hour to beat the odds and win big before they figure out you are not who you say you are. The room would look like a high stakes casino room, with fancy walls and artwork, a poker table, and possibly roulette table.

    It’s not VR (virtual reality). It’s not AR (augmented reality). It’s not an app on your phone. It is all live. And there are locks, puzzles, and fun clues around every corner.

    Start by exploring the room and finding items that help you complete the mission. You have 60 minutes to unlock all the locks, beat the house, and escape the room. As part of the game, you are locked in the room, and the story usually tells you why. But there is always a safe way out, and there is always someone paying attention to the room and what is going on, and the can even give hints if you are really stuck.