The Asylum

Discover the secrets!

Quick Details

Duration: 1 hour
Capacity: 2-6 People
Private bookings available

Escape the Asylum

Trust us; you don’t want to get trapped in this abandoned asylum! Solve the mystery before the clock runs out.

The stories say a secret child was birthed and raised inside the walls of the crumbling asylum. Deaths and disappearances near the abandoned asylum are shrouded in mystery. Doctors have been covering up the lies. Now it’s time for you to find the truth.

Step into the asylum and figure out what happened there so many years ago. The place is abandoned now, and no one knows where the patients went. The victims were being watched by someone or something before they disappeared… Did they escape? Can you?

Work as a team to follow the evidence left behind and uncover the truth behind this mysterious place. You have one hour to solve the clues and plan your escape before you end up meeting the same fate as those before you; becoming a patient at the asylum forever!