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The Attic

Free the lost soul!

Quick Details

Duration: 1 hour
Capacity: 2-8 People
Private bookings available

Uncover the Secrets in the Attic

Uncover what happened to a woman who didn’t know what to do after her groom disappeared on their wedding day. Work as a team to explore the legendary attic and figure out what happened. Beat the clock before you get trapped in the attic too!

The stories say the woman went mad and wore nothing but wedding dresses for the rest of her days. She was said to often venture into the attic, where she would fantasize about what her life could have been like had that special day gone a little differently. They say she never escaped that attic.

It is now up to you to venture into the very attic, solve the clues, and find out what truly happened to the Woman in White. Did she really get trapped in the attic? Or is it all just legend? Did she ever escape her impending doom? Can you? You have one hour to solve the mystery or be trapped like the lost soul.